Deactivate AOL Email Account

AOL is an excellent email service that provides a lot of advantages and features. AOL Mail is used by numerous people throughout the planet and is famous for its security and reliability. It's an all in one desktop software that allows users to use email, instant messaging, web browsing, and a good deal more from one location.

AOL Mail keeps occasionally deactivating unused accounts. In the event your AOL account is disabled as a result of inactivity, then you won't have access to some emails, attachments, and other information of your email accounts. In this site, we will explore why AOL deactivates inactive email accounts and also how to Deactivate AOL Email Account. Thus, without further ado, let us begin and take a look at the accounts reactivation procedure in detail.

When Can your AOL Account Access Deactivated or Deleted
This past year, AOL started permanently deleting all reports which had not been busy over the past 180 days. Therefore, if the user hasn't signed into their AOL mail in the previous six months, then their account may be deactivated.

People who use any OpenID with AOL Mail will also wind up losing access to their own accounts due to inactivity. In case they have not signed into their AOL account in the previous six months, then their account will be deactivated. Apart from this, AOL will also be able to delete the whole account combined with all the data.

In accordance with AOL, after long conditions of childbirth, the accounts will become permanently deactivated, and the stored data will probably get deleted. When this occurs, users will not be able to recoup the data, and they'll have to prepare a new AOL account if they want to keep on using AOL email.

What Happens If AOL Account Deactivated Due to Inactivity
In case that you do not sign in to your AOL Mail account for a span of days, then your email account will get deactivated. This suggests that you will not get any email on your account. If someone sends you an email, it is going to bounce. Failure to register for 180 days can lead to account termination. All the information, emails, and data linked to your email account will be permanently ruined, and you won't be able to recover it.

How to Know If Your Own AOL Mail Account is Active or Not?

When you're logging into your AOL email account, you may see a message stating that your account is not active any longer. Even though this may mean that your email account has been used in a manner that violated AOL's terms of service, or it could appear if you have deleted your account, this message most commonly appears if the account is deactivated due to inactivity. Your account will function normally, however, any email you have during AOL accounts receivable due to inactivity won't be there.

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